What I’m Reading

and what I thought about it after! Recent entries first. Just the ones that resonate with my entire being. 😀


  • The seduction of self-doubt – A long read but worth every word. A lot of things resonates with me that I was having a hard time what to pick. Haha Literally TMI. Nyahaha! In between reading, I posted the link to my ladies Skype chat. It’s a waste not to share. Secretly hoping something will spark in them too. And ohhh while pasting it at 3 different Skype threads and some individual messages, I paused for a while and thought just how much of a hassle it is. Hahaha! I remembered the same hassles every time I share trekking events and other activities before that’s why I created The Wanderfull Life Facebook Group. Now I abandoned it. Huhu! What to do? What to do? Pfft! Now I remembered I just created a WIN group too. Whyyyyyyyyyy?! Anyway, I’m sure I’ll find a way to make things work. God will provide. 🙂 #NoteToSelf: Go back and read some more cool articles here, Amazing Kring. <_>


  • New Tools for a New Year: Communication – Me thinks that the age of Facebook is over for me. I will try to install the apps here and focus more on communication rather than the one way street sharing that is me in Facebook. 🙂
  • How Your Childhood Is Messing Up Your Love Life – As I was going through the list, I was thinking real hard into what list I fall but nothing fits me perfectly. Always the abnormal. But after reading through the entire post, I’ve learned that there are exceptions. Looking at me and Migo’s, I am in no way the same with his Mom. Mommy is introverted, the youngest and very patient. I am more like his Dad extroverted, the eldest and impatient. As for Migo, I don’t have any idea about my Dad since I have been Dadless since I was 3 years old. The only memory I have of him is he scolding me because I was so stubborn for putting my hands on the glass even if I’ve been told not to. 😀
  • There are 6 Types of Communicators. Which One are You? – Read through every type and mentally note I am a Senator. And yes, I am. 🙂


  • Human Light Types – was very amazed at each types that I had to read everything and see if I have been mis-type as a Light House. I wasn’t. Of all the types, it was the Light House that resonates to me the most especially the light house’s purpose and drive.
  • I spent some time pondering about this and was very reflective when reading the light house’s questions especially Q1. I don’t actually know what triggers my change towards Facebook and sharing, although I don’t miss the usual habit and find that the change was actually doing me good, I sometimes wonder what really happened. Is it really the awesome trip that’s causing it? Anyhoo, I’m open for ideas. Hehehe

The words in Q2 was disturbing too. It’s what I have been telling myself but often overpowered by the voice that’s telling me that I’m just overly narcissistic. That instead of helping people with my light, I am actually dimming theirs to make my own light shine brighter. That whenever I am around, I can’t help but take the spotlight. Of which I am fully aware that I’M NOT but I might have been misinterpreted. Although I kept saying, I don’t mind what other people think, I actually cared especially if those people are dear to me. 😦

Do I glow or beam? – that’s what Q3 is about. And sadly, I think I have been just GLOWing recently. There was a time that I am BEAMing but the question is, what do I want now? Do I continue to GLOW or go back to my full power and BEAM? T_T