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Be Generous To Those Who Needs It Most

Today's devotional is titled "Is Money a Blessing or a Curse?" - another timely reminder to value money and to spend it wisely. Yesterday, I talked to a friend about how I thought of celebrating my exit. When I shared it to her, I saw nothing un-Christian-like. But when I shared it to the husband,… Continue reading Be Generous To Those Who Needs It Most

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Days Before A Miracle

As I waited for my turn to XRAY, a receipt fell on the floor. I was busy tinkering my phone checking on the posted birthday greeting to a friend when I heard an elderly woman's voice beside me. "Sorry kaayo day kay nagduka gyud ko. Alas 5 sa buntag pako diri." She was apologetic. She… Continue reading Days Before A Miracle

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31 Days of Goodbye – Day 1 (Hello Birthmonth)

Less tears today as I continue the journey of goodbyes. My heart is still heavy but not so much anymore. God comforted me with his words at today's Tuesday prayer. Catching up and sharing to my sisters in Christ made it more bearable. The goodbye just made my birth month more special and memorable. August… Continue reading 31 Days of Goodbye – Day 1 (Hello Birthmonth)