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You’ve reached Kring’s Place – a personal space on the net of a 30-something wife from Cebu, Philippines who works as a software engineer on weekdays and all sorts of things on the weekends.

Kring in a Nut Shell

So sometimes she really finds it hard to introduce herself since she always wants people to know ‘everything’ about her at once. Haha! Yes, she could TMI you on the first meeting. 😀 BEWARE!!! But most of her friends will not believe her if she says she’s having a hard time talking since she is always bubbly. They call her an extrovert but she starts to believe she is an ambivert. She loves people to the point of wanting to know them deeper which makes some people doubt if she is real. Don’t worry she is. She is also the type of person who can be everyone’s best friend and confidant. Kindness, bravery and team work makes her cry or absolutely anything in the movies makes her cry. The husband can attest to that but you will rarely see her cry on other things. Just in the movies. 😛 If you wanna know more of her inner wiring and how dark and negative she was before, visit her thought blog here. The earlier posts were especially disturbing. You’ve been warned.

On the weekdays, she works as a software engineer and helps manage their little rental business on the sides with husband, Mark or July. They call each other Migo & Miga since 2008, got engaged in 2014 at their favorite mountain in Cebu City, Sirao Peak and was married in 2015 at a whimsy little celebration of which they DIY-ed everything. Migo is the wind beneath Miga’s wings. Without him, she wouldn’t have known how amazing it is to travel. Like many Filipinos, her salary for the first years at work were for the family. She rarely had anything left for herself. Known to be thrifty yet he goes gaga over her to the point of paying all her early trips on the first year of their relationship in 2008. They started trekking and board gaming as a couple in 2011 after 3 years of being in a roller coaster relationship and the onset of her quarter-life crisis.  She can be very jealous and volatile when it comes to love life too. But Migo made her better and reached the best version of herself. 🙂 Need more cheesiness, here’s a blog about Migo&Miga.

She is also a frustrated writer or novelist, you can read some of her works here. Aside from that she is also trying to learn how to write in a sort-of-reporter-kind-of-way at a blog she created at work on her first year of being an NCR Ambassador back in 2015.

So in a nut shell? Kring is a lot of things in one and easily get excited in almost everything. At her worst, she is self-righteous. At her best, she seek to empower people to explore and live the life they want regardless of the societal norms. Everything is just possible with her own strength but just last 2016, she gave herself to Christ and realized she could be more with Him. 🙂

She holds on to 1 Peter 5:6 as her life verse.

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. *1 Peter 5:6 NIV*

Submitted Works

Kring blogs mainly to remember the exciting things they experienced. But it makes her happy to know that people got inspired by their adventures. Reaching out to fellow adventurers in Cebu is already on the list. Maybe soon. 🙂

While waiting for her collaborative post from other adventurer blogs, below is the list of her writings that you can read else where:

Backpacking Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos & Thailand: 11-Day Itinerary & Cost Breakdown

Backpacking Indochina: Practical Tips to Reduce Cost

Let her know how she inspires you or how she can help.

Kring loves writing, it is her outlet but writing that inspires is what she sought for. 🙂 Message or let her know how she has inspired or can help you by commenting below or reaching her through her Facebook. 🙂

Kring would love to get to know you too.