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Thankful Tuesday: Letting Go of NCR Ambassadorship

An open letter to all those who have made my Ambassadorship awesome and memorable:

This is not goodbye but a message of gratitude to all the happy memories that I will bring with me as I go chase a new dream. I have thought and prayed about this for a while. Even as I am writing this, there’s still doubt as to how I will survive giving up something that I love to do. But I trust in God’s guidance and wisdom, ever since I accept Him as my personal Lord and Savior, things are changing inside of me. Everyday, He helps me focus on the things that matters most. Leaving NCR Ambassadorship is hard. I enjoyed doing what I do despite the challenges that comes with it but I understand, that sometimes we need to give up something good for something better. I don’t know yet what better things that God will have for me but I am open to anything. In my pursuits for happiness and contentment, I have put God on the bottom of my priority and made those that makes me happy bigger than Him. It stops now.

It is my prayer that even if I am gone from this awesome circle bonded by our mutual love to give happiness to our fellow employees, you will all continue. I will not be totally gone, you can still ask me for guidance and help but that’s it. I could actually renew and not be super active like I did since becoming an ambassador in 2015, yet my conscience won’t let me. I cannot be part of something in name. I have to work. Some of you may have realized that I have been planning this for a while now. I’m having 2nd thoughts but after the recent activities, IFC and Summer outing, all of it was gone. You are all so awesome that it gives me assurance that the happiness will continue.

Being a neophyte ambassador in 2015 was hard. I expected too much. Yet out of those disappointments and hurts, I returned in 2016 carrying the lessons I learned from the previous year. But after the announcement of the 2016 ambassadors, knowing that out of the 4 kindred spirits in 2015 I was the only one left, my fire flickered. But God gave me hope.

I thank God for He led me to awesome people. If you are reading this, that’s YOU. Thank you sooooo much! All the activities, the meetings and everything that we did together was super awesome it makes me cry. Team work is one of my soft spot and every time I think of the teams that we have created warms my heart. Thank you sooooo much. I cannot mention all of you but you must know that you are all in a special place in my heart. Believe that you are! 🙂

I thank God for giving me a partner who’s just so awesome. You know who you are. 🙂 Thanks God for you. Continue to lead with kindness and by heart. You are a one of a kind leader. I would always cherish the decisions that we did together. It was always my prayer to find someone like you. Thank you for always lending a helping hand even before you become an NCR Ambassador.

Thanks God for the awesome ladies of Women In NCR who move heaven and earth to support me despite everything. My husband is the wind beneath my wings but the trust and support that you ladies extended to me empowers me to do things. Everyone of us is meant to do great things, and I’m sharing you a little secret, I’m not all this brave if I don’t have people like you who believes I can do things. Thank you so muchhhhh! Now that I am letting go of NCR Ambassadorship, let’s focus on making the Women In NCR, the organization that we dream and can be excited about. As I have shared on our meeting yesterday, let’s shift our focus to quality not quantity. We don’t need many to do great things. Kisses to you all my lovely ladies. You are the best. Be proud in what we have done so far…and be excited to what we will do. 🙂

And the greatest thanks to God is for NCR admin (shout out to 2 amazing ladies and everyone in NCR Cebu LT), management and the company. Thank you so much for all the support. Even after almost 6 years of staying in the company, I still think that being here is God’s gift. I am happy to be doing my job and my passion for organizing events and bringing people together.

I used to think that NCR is not the company for me as it seems boring back when I was new in 2011. Oh well, it’s not that NCR is boring. I was the boring employee. Haha! When I stopped being the boring employee, I realized that there is so much life in NCR. I feel so blessed to have been a part of that life. Now my life is overflowing that I feel I need to step back to share the life that I enjoyed with others. It’s other’s time to experience the LIFE now. 🙂

Yes, this is not goodbye as I intend to stay in NCR as long as I could but I owe it to everyone of you who makes my NCR Ambassadorship exciting to say farewell. I have always been anxious and worrisome to what people will think even if God has kept on reassuring me that I don’t need to. This is my way of saying thank you so much for the chance to serve and a lasting reminder of just how much fun I had being one of the ambassadors. This is also a call to all those who want to be ambassadors to grab the chance to be one. 🙂

So this is finally the end. For a look back of the activities in my Ambassadorship, visit this site.

Your NCR Ambassador in service since 2015 Signing Off,
Kresia Julio



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