Tuesday Prayer

March is an overwhelming month and it’s still beginning. Everyday I feel the hunger and need to know the Lord more. Last Saturday, by God’s grace I was able to attend the 1st session of Ladies Prayer. Waking up to an 8 AM appointment is just so hard for me but God is awesome indeed. He made me do things in His ways. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday, out of nowhere, I just decided to attend today’s Tuesday Prayer in Citichurch. Now I understood that it wasn’t out of nowhere. God wanted me there. He wanted me to hear and feel His overwhelming love for me. He heard my deepest desire for healing. 

It was so powerful my tears won’t stop falling. I can feel Him hugging me, shaking me to the core, asking me to wholeheartedly believe in Him, to let go and let Him. 

On the surface, I don’t really have any mountain to conquer. He has been very good in providing me my needs. Most of the major areas in my life are cared for. I have a husband who keeps me become a better version of myself each day, a brother and a mom who supports whatever I want, a job that not only provide food for my table but fuels my passion to make people happy by organizing events, I have awesome friends for my different needs and I’m able to save and splurge. God is just super awesome that all I wanted to do is give Him back the favor. That’s what I thought at first.

But then as my relationship with Him progresses, I realized that God wanted more than just my grateful heart. He wanted me to come clean and admit just how broken I really am inside. God started stripping my cover. 

Being with him reminded me of just how badly I have fallen in love with myself. He knows the reason why but God just wouldn’t take reasons. Yes I’ve been hurt, abused and have done things that only He knows, but that doesn’t give me a right that inorder to redeem myself, I tried living a life full of pride and vengeance. God knows that the things that are keeping me together are only temporary. He wanted me to come clean and admit so that he can finally start to heal me. The doctor can only cure those that are sick. And for a long time, I have been too stubborn to admit that I am.

I’m sick. I was too sick to realize that I was dying. My symptoms were unseen but deep inside there is a cancer that’s chipping at my heart. 

When our body is sick, we take medicine. When our spirit is sick, we pursue God. And while most people only pursue God after the spiritual sickness manifests into a body sickness, I’m just happy that God didn’t let me get to that point. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for reading this. If you reached this far, there must have been that part of you that wants to be cured too. I beg you. Do not get to a point where your spiritual sickness becomes a body sickness. 

There was a time that I once was like you too. Very proud of my abilities and thought that worship and Christians are a joke. I have all I need. Why would I need God? Guess what, God doesn’t need you too. But there will come a time that you would really need him. It might not be now but someday. Only God knows. 

If you ever feel like you want to start to pursue God too, try opening up your heart and see the world beyond your worldly intelligence. You can start by attending a young adult worship every Wednesday at Citichurch. It will feel weird at first, but just continue the journey and wait for the things that God has for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

Overflow is back! Spend your Wednesday nights with us! 7:00 PM | The Hangar @ Citichurch #CitichurchPH

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Cheering on you with God!!! 


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