What Light Are You Here To Bring?

My daily dose of medium led me to progress map, which led me to an awesome discovery of Human Light types. I was so amazed when I learned my light type. I hurriedly share to my ladies. Then I got busy and only able to follow-up or bug one. Haha! Thank you Flash Light.

But the idea was too awesome that it led me to create a new page to track what I’ve read and how I thought about them.


  • Human Light Types – was very amazed at each types that I had to read everything and see if I have been mis-type as a Light House. I wasn’t. Of all the types, it was the Light House that resonates to me the most especially the light house’s purpose and drive.
  • I spent some time pondering about this and was very reflective when reading the light house’s questions especially Q1. I don’t actually know what triggers my change towards Facebook and sharing, although I don’t miss the usual habit and find that the change was actually doing me good, I sometimes wonder what really happened. Is it really the awesome trip that’s causing it? Anyhoo, I’m open for ideas. Hehehe

The words in Q2 was disturbing too. It’s what I have been telling myself but often overpowered by the voice that’s telling me that I’m just overly narcissistic. That instead of helping people with my light, I am actually dimming theirs to make my own light shine brighter. That whenever I am around, I can’t help but take the spotlight. Of which I am fully aware that I’M NOT but I might have been misinterpreted. Although I kept saying, I don’t mind what other people think, I actually cared especially if those people are dear to me.😦

Do I glow or beam? – that’s what Q3 is about. And sadly, I think I have been just GLOWing recently. There was a time that I am BEAMing but the question is, what do I want now? Do I continue to GLOW or go back to my full power and BEAM? T_T

After our Ladies Life Group Christmas gathering, I had too much coffee and decided I can’t sleep so I continued working instead. 2 of my ladies were at the office. I’m still too hyped up and overflowed with love and blessings for what we did tonight so I had the chance to share them about the lights. 🙂 Was quite amazed to know they are of different type.

One is a Camp Fire and the other one is a String Light. Reading their description again scarily reminds me of them. Now I’m excited to know what the other 2 will be. Will they be different or the same? There are 9 light types so I can’t really tell if they will be the same or different.

To know what I’m talking about, you can take the test too. Do let me know on the comment below if it resonates with you also. I would be delighted to know another Light House.

Happy Holidays!!!


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