We Rise By Lifting Others

Saw the phrase in the title as I was looking through the hashtag #SisterhoodOfEmpoweredWomen. I was curious when I saw 16 other post who used the same hashtag because that is WIN’s catch phrase of the year.

We rise by lifting others.

It was quite timely for what I have been feeling. Though I hate to question other people’s motives and actions, even to mind the words from their mouth, sometimes you just come to a point where you become vulnerable.

You become too comfortable and put your guard down not realizing that people will always be people. Tactless, all knowing and speak without thinking if it’s appropriate or not.

I was quite hurt yesterday for getting the “shock” factor with my shirt size. I just wasn’t aware that there is that stigma or maybe, it was just me who’s sensitive about it.

Since I gained weight in 2010, size and weight has been my struggle. I hate it when people rub it in my face. It’s like putting on alcohol on a wounded knee. It stings and I since stop going around telling everyone that I have a condition that can lead to obesity if I’m not careful. The way I am now is far better than what I should be if I didn’t take care of my entire well-being. It’s hard. And fighting people’s comment is harder. I have develop a way to fight it over the years but yesterday, I let my guard down. Oh well! I think I should be careful next time. 🙂

I was quite annoyed and I might have hurt some people by letting it out. I’ve asked the Lord forgiveness yesterday and prayed that He would strengthen my tolerance to people’s unwanted words. To all those who have felt my unintentional hurt, I’m sorry. I too is human. I felt very guilty for it.

To be continued…


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