When You Let Other’s Perspective Matters

Migo and I had an interesting topic this dawn. It annoyed me because I really wasn’t aware of it. He called me “Jogera”. I keep insisting I’m not and that I hate people who are. He then went on yapping as if he were me.

I reasoned that what I’m doing is not boasting because it’s true. I’m only stating a fact. And that he might not notice it but I only talk when people are not talking to liven the conversation, to steer away people from talking about other people.

I draw energy from the crowd but the crowd don’t always makes me happy. The passing treks hasn’t been good to me emotionally. I have become so impatient and might have let some negative energy in. I feel that I have become this bad cop when my only goal is to impose discipline. Because trekking needs discipline. Trekking is discipline.

But maybe like the way I talk to entertain, write to encourage, people might have seen it badly. They might have thought of it as boasting. Wew! And instead of encouraging, I might have made some people’s lives inferior to mine.

If you are one of the people who are offended by the way I am, I’m sorry. Know that I am truly innocent to what you are feeling. So starting today, I will turn down some things.

I always  believe things are happening for a reason and for a greater purpose. It is quite timely as well that I had these realizations and pains at a time I committed to fight for God.

In 2 months, I’ll be 30. I am quite excited to enter the next decade of my life. And maybe it’s time to leave whatever my 20s taught me. Can’t wait to see what will this new era give me but one thing for sure, I will try to  be more mindful to the things that matter. 🙂

Yesternight’s #Overflow talk about perspective…normally, criticisms almost always anger me. Today, I will start taking it as a tool to make me become the person that I’m meant to be. 😉


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