Oh Hello June!

The 1st of June, the last month of the 2nd quarter of 2016. Time was fast indeed. And as early as now, I am thinking about December. Haha!

There’s really nothing much about December. It’s just that it would be another hell of a ride to reached it. Thinking about the back to back events and planned treks/travels starting this month excites and torments me. To come out of it scot-free, I may have to be extra firm in saying NO!

Starting this June will be a battle of goals, schedules and priorities. I must pick wisely and see to it that whatever I am choosing will contribute to my overall goal of happiness and contentment.

I actually forgot what I set out to do this year. But I only remember one thing – out of PH travel as a couple. We aced the 1st in March for our 1st wedding anniversary. Come August will be the 2nd. Southeast Asia (SEA) trip to celebrate our bdays(Aug 20, Sep 10) and 8th anniv as Migo&Miga.

I have a lot to look forward. I am both anxious and excited. But as usual, anything goes. Come on, June is just starting! 😛


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