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NCR Ladies Life Group

Ah…that feeling. There was a lot in your head. Too much word and excitement that if only you could just picture everything in your brain and convert it into words in a snap. But alas, there’s nothing powerful enough to do that yet. Wew!

So today I was quite excited for it’s the 1st of June. And I had good reasons to but I didn’t know that there was a lot more to be excited about. I thank the Lord for once again He had shown me just how good He is.

I missed Overflow last week because of host duties. Today, I made sure I can and was grateful I brought another today. Yay! It’s thanks to Lau. Hopefully Xy felt blessed as well even in her groggy state. 😀

But unfortunately, I totally forgot tonight’s takeout. Haha! All I remembered was the gratefulness for being able to dine with Ghamz & Den. We talked about love life, shared experiences on our personal relationships with God and a lot moreee.

I was so happy to have heard about their inspiring stories of how God came into their life. I may not share the same “eureka” or “turning point” moment but listening to them was enough to fire my spirits up.

As I often said, I have never been religious but I have faith. I believe in an all powerful God who’s the creator of everything. I believe in signs and things happening for a reason. And today I was just so happy and grateful because God conspires with the universe to grant that desire in my heart.

I have always wanted to create a support group in our company. It was suggested by a friend-I-forgot-who but I literally don’t have an idea how to do it. Tonight, God did it for me. Just like how He gave me Charry when I had that burning desire to do outreach back in 2010.

I just felt so blessed, happy, grateful and excited for everything. I was so looking forward to support the creation of our community #NCRLadiesLifeGroup to be spearheaded  by Den.

Our plan was to schedule it every Wednesday after Overflow – around 9-10 PM. We will do our own worship, share our victories of the week and the things we are grateful for then finally impart God’s message. If we’ll have more time, we can do counseling or just plain talking about anything under the sun. Lol It was also worth  noting that us three are in different life’s season and ages: me – the happy childless wife @ 30, Den – the happy in a relationship with God and boyfie @ 23, Ghamz – the happy single @ 27. And yes, I just had to put the happy in all our descriptions. Haha! All women will pass by our stages but before we were happy, we’ve been through a lot too. It’s quite exciting to be able to assure some other women who might be feeling a little lost and confused that it’s okay.

When I was 23, unlike Den now, I was very confused and unhappy. I had a lot of negativity in me. Though I got out of it alive, I feel it wouldn’t have been much of a struggle if I have a strong support group. I only had one then. And to this day I still wonder how he managed. Haha!

At 27, I aged and so was my struggles. I love watching sci-fi movies with multi-verses and at 27, I feel that was the greatest decision point of my life. Everything I believed in was shaken to the core by a decision that almost tore my fairy tale away. But of course, I got out of it again but not without the messy painful processes. Thanks to amazing friends who kept me at bay.

There were a lot of moments in my life that could have gone differently if only I had the company of these amazing people now. But it’s not too late yet.

That’s why I was just so excited about it that I was always squeaking in delight. I felt that my armory was added a new weapon. Before I have always believed that what got me most wins in life’s battles were my overflowing confidence and superiority complex. Haha! Now I am happy to be adding God’s power in it. 😀

So of course, I was on a high and was very inspired when I went back to office. Then something happened that turned my happiness to frustration right away. Thanks God I was able to realize my quick change of mood.

And for that I realize that creating this group will be a struggle but hopefully unlike my other groups this will withstand the test of human nature. It would be a battle against all forms of demons that would like to see it not happening. But we will try. And I am always good at that…trying. Haha!

So wish us luck and pray for us hard. 🙂



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